Monday, April 25, 2016

massive recap.

Last night, every move reese made in bed, I watched and wondered. I would flip over to face her when she sighed in her sleep. I sat awake listening and enjoying her breaths. I have no reason that I did any of this except that she has an MRI tomorrow and worry overcomes me at times.

Today I sent her off for her first field trip. She has on her spirit shirt, a sassy skirt, and a set of pigtail floppy buns. I made her a sack lunch and heard her squeal each time we mentioned the big school bus she'll ride on.

I have so many things I need to write out. I did talk about the amazing photography retreat wkend here in town, I haven't talked about the hilarious soccer games that reese has played in, I never blogged bluebonnet pics, Sawyer had a field trip and I got to go and it was so fun just a day with her, she also cut off a ton of her hair and now has a shoulder length bob, we had 2 E.R. trips with fever for Reese, EJs family came into town, aidan had at least 1 dance competition since I last posted - maybe 2. we were sent to great wolf lodge for an amazing night, and, of course, the amazing children's cancer fund gala was this wkend.

So many of these photos are on instagram where they will have to stay because of time. I have spent the past month or more studying for the social studies 7-12th content test (took last week) that I am waiting for a score on. It was hard - and I studied morning and afternoon for so many weeks. I wanted, so many times, to just push it all away and sit and write, but then that would make me stressed out --- but here I am, after, tense because I didn't do it.

The gala ^ oh the gala. In the weeks leading up we have had interviews and videos and been in the paper. Reese's sweet face and story was on the invitation and so many people got to know her. The night of the gala, I dropped her off to a room of fun and set off on a night with EJ. We laughed with friends and ate delicious food and drank copious amounts of wine and then finally it was fashion show time. Reese walked down the runway like a nervous and sweet pro, but then posed her cute little self at the end. She ran down and I got to shower her with kisses... her curled hair, her make up, her dress... it was all so much. What a wonderful evening that I cannot wait to do again next year as alumni.

I don't know if just the entire weekend sort of shook me? or what. But I am just ready to get the MRI over with. Reese, of course, is so excited for "bubblegum" (what she calls the MRI) and I am going to take her lead of confidence.

And I am taking a vow for as close to weekly posts as I can - for myself, I need these times to write and places to put pics and to stop for a minute and just breathe.

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  1. Thinking of you tomorrow! Sending healing / good thoughts! Loved the update and Sawyer's shorter hair. :)