Reesey's Fight

on halloween night, 2012, our 2.5 year old, reese was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

she has a pilomyxoid astrocytoma.

if you are new to the blog -- you can start HERE to read the first few days of finding out, surgery, etc. and then follow from november 2012 onward.

here is a set of FAQ (2/20/13)

thank you all for supporting our sweet girl.

check for regular updates on our Prayers for Reesey Facebook Page.

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all mail (including the amazing postcards that everyone has been sending!!!!) can go to our P.O. box:

Amanda Skelte
P.O. 356
Wylie, TX 75098-0356

please email me (or contact me on the FB page) at any time with any questions you may have - [email protected]

thank you for every prayer.


  1. praying for your beautiful family. thank you for sharing your story with us.

  2. Praying for you and your beautiful family tonight. Praying God showers you with His peace, love & healing grace.

  3. hello, i do not know you, but a friend of mine shared your daughters picture and ailment on my faceook page. Normally i say a silent prayer for those type of posts and go on scrolling. however when i saw the post concerning your daughter i paused and started to scroll on but the holy spirit stopped me told me to back up and share what i know with you. I KNOW that God loves your daughter more than you do, He loves us all more than we give Him credit for and He wants nothing more than for your daughter to be well, healthy and happy. :) There is a man Andrew Wommack and his ministry which i am going to share with you because he is the only man i have ever listened to that helps God's people understand His healing power and His unconditional love, grace and mercy towards us. I PROMISE you, that if you get hungry for the word, listen to these teaching and grab ahold of their promises and refuse to back down to what the devil is trying to persude your heart to believe, I PROMISE you God will aLWAYS deliver on His promises, but WE need to be in Agreement with him, Believe in his word, Confess the truths and see the manifestation of the promise in your heart..... I know im getting a head of myself.... Here are some links/teachings to start with...

    Testimonies Series:


    God's Kind Of Love: The Cure For What Ails Ya! :

    How To Receive A Miracle: <---- I know this one is tempting to listen to first but i really believe you should start ith tthe other ones first in order to get a good foundation started.... just my opinion.

    GOD BLESS You and your daughter, good luck and i pray your heart hears the messages and you dont let your mind battle too much with what the holy spirit is bearing witness to through those teachings.

  4. been following your blog for years ( since we were on the bump and pregnant with 08 babies) praying hard for you and your girls. medicine is a wonderful thing, and i hope and pray that this is just a speedbump towards reese's recovery. lots of positive vibes coming at your whole family from cape cod....

  5. So crazy how things are connected and. I knew you on the Nest and then found a photo blog by you and now through the Weigand's just found this page. I'm so sorry to hear that your little one is battling this awful disease and so very sorry to have discovered you because the chemo is not doing what it is supposed to. I love your babies, always have loved seeing their pics with that beautiful firey red hair and bright blue eyes.

    Hang in there. I wish there were more to say.

  6. Sending Reese and your wonderful family love and prayers from Ireland! xx00xx

  7. Thinking of you and your family.. Sending prayers for the days to come!!! Prayers for Reece to be healed and the next treatments to be the ones that do it!!!

    Love sent from NY from a photog mom from a photography board a long time ago!!!

  8. Sending love and prayers from Canada. I am a grandmother of 12. One of my grandson's just has his second birthday party. Another two will be 2 in the new year. I would give anything for your dear baby not to have to go through this, for you parents not have to go through this, for your family not have to go through this. I am praying and sending love.


  9. Praying for y'all!

  10. Been following your blog for two years now. The picture of your (at the time) three red heads caught my eye on and then your beautiful photography work has kept me coming back. I am one of three red headed cousins and we continue to follow your blog regularly. I hadnt "stalked" your page in over a month and when I came back to find Reesey so sick, I was in tears. I dont even know you guys and yet it felt like a family member was enduring this pain. You will be receiving a postcard and picture from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We are the three red heads that continue to pray for your Reesey and for the rest of the Skelte clan. Lots of love, thoughts, and prayers, the 3 redheads from Lancaster, PA.

  11. Was reading ILP and saw a post with a link to your blog and a request for prayers. Brought tears to my eyes and you all have been added to my prayer list from that moment on. You have a beautiful family that just oozes love. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Stay strong. Stacy