Saturday, June 10, 2017


I don't know if I can adequately explain how it feels to be able to see all 5 of your children on stage in one night. Beyond that, one as the LEAD of the show. I am so beyond blessed to have the dance family that I do. I remember years ago, putting Aidan into dance and being like "well, here goes" and saying yes to being on the competitive team. I have made friends of a lifetime and so have my children.

I know it is like mid june and I should write a ton about the end of school, also, but this post is just to show off my dancers ;) This post is to brag on the magic that I felt watching all my little ones do what they love to do.

So congratulations my sweet babies... another year past and another year has already started. I took all of these pics on tech/dress rehearsal night so I could sit back and be the proud mama I was during both of the actual shows. Your boldness and determination makes my heart swell every time I see these photos.

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